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Little Things To Know Ins and outs of working with me. Read this for fun, or if you're crazy about this site, or if you are really planning to get a reading with me. To Callers Outside U. If you have a phone number, leave that, also, in your initial call. This means a few are unhappy with their moves.

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You can't please everybody. Please read "move for your own reasons" in Little Things To Know. Long-term results are more important than short term, however, good short-term results help you have faith that the location will be good for you. Before being told this I had never heard of them.

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Many of my clients are seeking a location with improved dating and marriage prospects. Hire the world's most experienced locational astrologer to help you make your fateful move decision. More Information Continues Below. Click to Play Her work revitalized. Further, locational astrology is the most accurate form of astrology, period. Nothing touches it. And it has been my concentration, sole focus, and passion for 28 years. I consider the Jim Lewis astrocartography map -- and all linemap products -- to be a really bad technique, unreliable, misleading, and even dangerous.

Even Jim Lewis, the inventor of the astrological linemap, died young because he moved to a bad location! I would never use any kind of linemap to decide where to live, for myself or my clients. I moved to Alaska using one and it was a major disaster in terms of my children. Linemaps, you see, give no information about your house of children, the house of money, and a great many other things. They are that useless, and that much worth avoiding.

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Almost all other locational astrologers are using linemaps such as ACG -- and these people truly ought to find some more decent line of work. I can also give you powerful timings for selling any item. My clients usually have surprisingly fast results getting their property sold.


The guarantee is: If you don't get a good offer within 30 days I will give you a full refund. To get a real estate timing, follow the directions at the link just above. Note: Astrological timings are the only services I offer that have a money-back guarantee. Client reporting on her move to Illinois. More below.

Click to Play. Find more fortunate locations with a Master Locational Astrologer. No oblig! Click To Play. Don't play with your life. Her work revitalized. B efore you move, hire an expert in locational influences, and find the best place for you and your successful life.

Benefit from the same laws of location that assist all successful people. When Mercury and Venus are moving ahead of the Sun, visible as evening stars, they represent afterthought. When they become morning stars after retrograding, they represent forethought. During retrograde, a lot of patterns and habits become broken to make room for a mental change. Sustainability is the realization that authority isn't something that disciplines us from above but what is given to us from the land.

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It is the realization that Saturn isn't what gives us authority over others but what we give authority to, in an attempt to negotiate for safety. The central question to matters of sustainability is the difference between what we can live with and what we can live without.

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