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This was certainly true in the case of AAB, whose collaborative teaching with the Tibetan brought the inspiring Ageless Wisdom to many thousands. We have already talked about the importance of Uranus in relation to Juno as an indicator of the transformative Uranus collaboration Juno AAB formed with the Tibetan.


Thuban, according to Brady, is the symbol of one who guards or produces a treasure. Again the treasure can be spiritual or material. Thuban is said to indicate prospectors of gold or silver and ministers of money. Its connection with that which is highly valuable is only reinforced by its presence in the second house of the chart. The positive interpretation indicates a very sharp mind and a perception well above the average.

With her, the antahkarana, indicated by the sign Gemini, Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer, was built to a large degree and she could journey to the Ashram on the inner planes for consultation and instruction. Her conception and animation charts would also be of great interest and may be undertaken in further portions of this series of astrology books. Alice A. Bailey was and is a great disciple and initiate.

Her accomplishments on behalf of students of the Ageless Wisdom are irreplaceable. Her life was a hard one, both inwardly and outwardly. She was, after all, being trained to work still more closely with Master K. Gemini often gives either the tendency towards insomnia or the ability to get along on very little sleep; often, in the execution of her endless responsibilities, she was down to perhaps two hours of sleep per night. We see the elevated Saturn standing austerely in the tenth house of duty, and harmoniously sextiling the important Gemini Sun, but giving, in essence, no time for the personal self.

The life of the initiate of the third degree is one of increasing pressure, internal intensity and self-sacrifice. Are we in any position to determine what AAB accomplished inwardly during her last incarnation? Probably not. The Tibetan once suggested that for all the fullness of outer work which AAB accomplished, her inner work was still more demanding. We might say of AAB that she under the inspiration of the Tibetan Master made the soul and the Solar Angel vivid spiritual realities in the lives of thousands.

She was instrumental literally in offering the world an entirely new approach to discipleship and to the cultivation of group activity, group consciousness and group progress in the Aquarian age. The Aquarian Age will not be an Age focussed only upon the group though that will be its primary focus. During this Age, powerful individualities will emerge who will take positions of leadership relative to group work.

Ashrams are always organized with a Master or Arhat at the central point. She stood at the nexus of a great array of subtle forces and they passed through her.

We know that both Leo and Aquarius condition the heart and circulatory system and the condition of the blood. The greatest of all hierarchical projects in the current era are the Externalization of the Hierarchy and The Reappearance of the Christ. To facilitate this Reappearance, the Master K. AAB as a member of K. If we wish to evaluate her work in collaboration with the Tibetan, we must think of what it has meant for informing the world Gemini about the true nature of the Spiritual Hierarchy, its impending Externalization, and the return of its great Director, the Christ.

Certain lives serve as an inspirational example for us all; the last incarnation of Alice Bailey was one such. We are grateful that like Yogananda she drew upon the energies of her Leo Ascendant to write an autobiography which brings before the eyes of humanity an example Leo of a life entirely and courageously dedicated to discipleship service. The books of Alice Ann Bailey were one of the earliest metaphyiscal works I ever read. I especially connected with her Esoteric Astrology.

Her Sun about 25 Gem 28, my Sun about 26 Gem 09 2. Our Mars and Venus are connected. Both have Jupiter in Aries. Hers 15 Aries 15, mine 10 Aries I would not be surprised if I knew her in my previous life.

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Afterall, I felt quite at home several years ago when I visited Manchester, the town of her birth; and growing up, I spent one week every year in New York city, always feeling quite comfortably at home…and this was her home for many years. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter. Please click here to report any broken links or other problems you happen to notice, much appreciated. One Response to Alice A. Popular Features. New Releases.

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Treatise on Seven Rays: Esoteric Astrology v. Description The science of esoteric astrology is said to be the basic occult science of the future. Astrology is described in this book as "the science of relationships", a science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within it.

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Esoteric Healing, Vol 4: Esoteric Healing v. This book may well be an extended advertisement for it. Stephanie's Introduction starts with her memory of a dream that Delores gave her on April 1, In the dream, Delores said that Stephanie was a candidate in good standing for eventual initiation. A few months later the two were on the phone, when Stephanie asked Delores if there were any books on initiation. Delores said, "NO!!! There are many such books, but, believing otherwise, the two women set about to write this one. Chapter 1: The First Degree.

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Stephen's treatment is more detailed. SOL requires candidates to study the dead king Osiris quoted from page 18 , as well as submit to 42 assessors. Which is to say that esoteric orders, of whatever legitimacy, are nothing to mess with. The section ends with a note on Monica. She was scheduled to be initiated in September, , but the events of the 11th day of that month delayed matters for a year. In her section, entitled The Red Cord , Delores talks about those who have been called to be initiators, i. Whereupon the new initiate is presented with a red cord and a "magical ring" is placed on a "finger" not specified indicating that he is now "married" to his spiritual order.

He is then to behave himself, attempt to learn things that had previously baffled him, and be an initiator for his lessers. Do first initiations ever go wrong?

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According to Ashcroft-Nowicki, when things go wrong, the blame rests with the initiator, and the problem was the ritual was premature, or the candidate was inappropriate. Stephanie ends the first section by noting that Stephen had one initiation in , followed by a second in She is now busy with her own lodge, whatever that may be. Amway, anyone? The Second Degree: Stephanie introduces us to Paul. Paul had taken his first initiation 3. She gives us Paul's chart, but not his actual birth data.

I don't know why authors suppress the data, as charts are easily worked out. Paul was born around February 15, Paul was in fact born about ten days after Jeanne Dixon's famous prophesy of the birth of the Anti-Christ on the 5th. But instead Paul took up Neuro Linguistics. He then had his Saturn return which, given his stellium, was not the most pleasant , met Delores, decided upon his fate, and took up Hawaiian magic. Which, given that the 5th is children, and that children can be seen as magical events, fits. Sex magic, or so I would presume.

Stephanie seems dimly aware of this, as on page 43 she quotes Paul as saying his current girlfriend wasn't his proper magical partner. She also unwittingly calls him a barefaced liar, in these words: Paul has a unique ability to compartmentalize and systematise information, and thus to maintain and sustain many different kinds of relationships at many different levels simultaneously.

For his second initiation, Paul is to consecrate his very own temple. In the process the Lords of Light were moving him around quite ruthlessly to achieve their aims, or so said Delores. The preliminary rites may have included ritualistic sex with an associated female, the text is deliberately murky. Stephanie then take up Erica, a 60 something survivor. It is odd to see candidates paired off in this fashion. In the run-up to her second initiation, Erica spends time in spirit communication. She also has a notable psychic experience, which Stephanie explains as Uranus transiting two degrees away from her natal Mercury.

The astrology in the book is no better than this. Yolanda turns out to be a member of Erica's lodge whom Erica has given some personal attention. Erica's second initiation is not described. It might be the exciting psychic events which led up to it were more interesting. For her part, Delores, in The Siver Cord , gives details. Delores says, Once an initiate, always and forever an initiate, life after life. Which, given the program she's pushing, I personally find unlikely. Unlike the first initiation, which was given on demand, the second is given on the whim of the initiator.

Delores then asks, Do you still think being an initiate is fun? Well, yes, frankly, as nothing, so far, has been the least bit challenging.

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