Chinese astrology february 1 2020

Metal Golden Rat is armored Rat.

Yin Water is rain. The Metal of Rat is the strong wind.

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Metal Rat is the sign of a heavy rainstorm. The characteristics of Metal Rat are bold, aggressive, talented, witty, eloquent, tactical and creative. Metal Rat is good at expression, speech, distinguish opinions, influencing people's minds. The Zodiac Metal Rat will prone to stress and fear, and can become short-tempered. Metal Rat may have a difficult and challenging childhood or young adulthood, so it should avoid living alone and away from family. The Zodiac Metal Rat will be more successful in small business.

It's over-ambitious will cause too much stress and lead to failure. Metal Rat should set realistic goals and work hard. The Zodiac Metal Rat may be difficult to become independent. Metal Rat will live happier if marry an older and more mature person.

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For a man, he should marry a woman older than him. For a woman, she should marry a man at least 7 years older. If too close in age, they tend to argue often or become depressed. The Zodiac Metal Rat will always be constrained by a significant person in life, such as your parents when you are young, spouse after marriage, your children after they are grown, or boss at work.

Complete Chinese Zodiac Prediction for Rat. The following is the Chinese Baby Calendar for Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart , which is for women to choose the baby gender before pregnancy. This listing of lunar months helps women to find when the Chinese Lunar Months start and end.

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If planning for a baby of the Cow next year, then women can choose the conception's lunar month for the desired baby gender. Remember that is the following lunar months are calculated using the China time zone. Chinese Lunar Months are different from different time zones.

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The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction does the calculations of birthday, Chinese age, lunar month and time zone before determining the correct baby gender. Lunar Month 1 begins from January 25, to February 22, Lunar Month 2 begins from February 23, to March 23, Lunar Month 3 begins from March 24, to April 22, Lunar Month 4 begins from April 23, to May 22, Lunar Month 5 begins from June 21, to July 20, Lunar Month 6 begins from July 21, to August 18, Lunar Month 7 begins from August 19, to September 16, Leap years in the Chinese calendar happen approximately every 3 years when they add a leap month.

Check local times and remember to protect your eyes!

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A leap year has days, as opposed to a common year, which has Nearly every four years is a Leap Year, and we add a leap day, an extra day on February All rights reserved. Menu timeanddate. They express significant strength of character of a sense of self-dignity. It should be noted that the excessive love for freedom and strong passions might lead them too far and even put them at risk.

So they should learn to adapt to their surroundings. For it would be a greatly painful to them if, in all their love for independence, they were forced to give in to necessities and become dependent on others.

Year of the Dog

Ambitious and decisive — it should be deduced that they will direct their superior. Although they will have a great effect on them — many dangers will arise because of it. To learn self-control as soon as possible and understand that their superiors and those of higher standing are just as jealous of their rights and privileges are they are. They must also strive to overcome their uneasiness, trying to see only the good sides in everything around and not to condemn people too hastily.

They must not make promises they cannot keep, and have to dutifully live up to once given word.